Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Mother's Hope... A Daughter's Dream

I was in the mood for a good read... my friend Linda lent me two books written by Francine Rivers.  I had myself two good reads.

The first novel begins in Switzerland with the story of Marta, who leaves Switzerland behind in the hopes of escaping a difficult childhood and the threat of a dreary future existence.  Marta's story is one of sheer determination and ambition, mostly fuelled by fear, anger, pain and heartache.  Her story takes her to Canada, where she marries, and then to the Central Valley of California.  Marta has three children, but it is her daughter, Hildemara on whom Marta places her ambition and hopes.

We see Hildemara's story develop from infancy to young womanhood, she too marries and has a daughter... Carolyn.  The two novels then begin to merge as we see Carolyn's story come to the fore and as she herself has a daughter... May Flower Dawn.  May Flower Dawn also has a story to tell.

Ultimately, these two books speak to the complexity of the human heart, of misunderstanding the motives, desires and actions of others and the need to forgive and also the need to receive forgiveness.  The interwoven threads of each life also highlight the need within every one of us, to know that we are loved, unconditionally, and of the importance of allowing our children, and others, to be who God created them to be.  These novels are pure fiction, yet I believe that we could all see part of ourselves written upon their pages...