Thursday, July 12, 2012

Discovering June Francis

It all started off quite innocently.  I happened to like the cover of this book.  I took it off the library shelf.  And amazingly... it was a really good read!                                                                                        

It's one of those comfy books that tells the story of ordinary people.  Very reminiscent actually of Catherine Cookson's style of writing.  It's set in 1952 post-World War II Lancashire and Liverpool.  It tells the story of Emma Booth, orphaned and brought up by her grandparents.  After the death of both her grandparents, while clearing out a few things, Emma comes across a letter that reveals a long hidden secret that she has a half sister in Liverpool... and the story is off and running!                                                               

Interested in perhaps finding more June Francis books for my summer reading, I was not disappointed! I'm presently enjoying the beginning of an entire series which follows the same family from 1911 - 1955.

Summer reading... I look forward to it each year!