Monday, October 5, 2009

Indulging in All Things Pilcher!

Just before Summer began this year, I had planned an excursion to the little Secondhand Bookshop to purchase a few books for my Summer reading. One of the books that I found that day was Rosamunde Pilcher's 'Coming Home'. It took a while for me to get into this book, but once I did I was swept away with the author's wonderful description's of the coasts of Cornwall, the Highlands of Scotland and the life in London during the latter part of the 1930's.

This was not a book that I was intent on reading quickly, but rather one to be savoured and enjoyed. I soon began to look forward to those moments when our home was quiet, when I could gather my book bag, a cold drink and go outside to curl up in my big comfy, cushioned chair, settle in and enjoy 'Coming Home'.

Then just last week, while sorting through my bookshelf, I came across two little purse sized novels that were tucked away behind a few other larger volumes. They had been placed there not too long ago when my husband's grandmother had been moved into an extended care facility and his grandfather had also made a move of his own in order to be closer to her. During the events of the move, many things were given to family members and it was then that these little books had come into my possession; what a surprise I had when 
I looked at them closer and realized that they were a compilation of short stories written by Rosamunde Pilcher!

I have been happily reading them both, just finishing 'The Blue Bedroom' last night... sheer indulgence! I now have a list of all the books she has written and intend on reading every one of them - in her early years, Mrs. Pilcher wrote under the pseudonym of Jane Fraser - I am looking forward to searching those out as well.

I realized, while reading, that when the Cornwall wind blew through the tresses of one of her characters, the wind was also blowing through mine; and after an afternoon spent traipsing on the moors of Scotland, damp with the mist and ravenous for a bite to eat, when the characters stepped through the back door and into the stone walled kitchen, the smell of fresh bread and the warmth emanating from the oven wrapped around me as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of writing as well as the authenticity to life and all that it brings. I would consider these books 'gentle reads' with characters, young and old, that are easy to identify with and enjoy. It's good to read a wholesome, fresh and invigorating book from time to time.... and I certainly have done my fair share of indulging in all things Pilcher!

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