Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit got ditched. Let me tell you how it happened. I had originally chosen this reading for December as a nod to Dickens (after all he wrote A Christmas Carol) and because it was a book that I had wanted to read ever since I had heard of it. I got off to a great start and then 20 pages or so in I got this sinking sense that I was in over my head.

Little Dorrit was a novel that Charles Dickens originally wrote in a weekly, serial form and because it is actually a satirical stab at the flaws and foibles of government and the social conditions of the day, it can be a challenging read (if you really want to understand it) and I apparently was not up to the challenge!

So here is the thing. Feeling like an utter failure, I returned Little Dorrit back to her assigned place on our Public Library Shelf and walked out sensing that somehow I was a library book fraud. But, being the blessed girl that I am, that evening as I was relaxing with my husband and waiting for our favorite English program to begin, an announcement was made... "Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit... a four part series beginning December 23rd." I whooped and clapped my hands and just knew the goodness of God... Little Dorrit Cliff Notes... in living colour! Whoo-hoo!

It's all taped and I'll be watching it on New Years Eve!
I'm thrilled!

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