Friday, June 3, 2011

Shrewbettina's Birthday


  1. Thanks for the excellent reading recommendations Cathie! I have made a list, which includes Shrewbettina's Birthday!! and The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte.


  2. Hi Cathie,
    I've just read a book called
    "The Feasts of the Lord"
    by:Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal
    It is a beautifully illustrated book and talks about the 7 feasts of the Lord, and how Messiah fulfils them.
    Very good instructive reading.


  3. Hi Cathie,
    Have just finished another book which is the amazing account of one woman's fight to save her 500 year old house!
    It is called:
    "Miss Savidge moves her house"
    One of Bob's finds from the library ,by:
    Christine Adams with Michael McMahon
    This is set in England as you can imagine and she was almost 60 years old when she started the project.

  4. Hi Cathie,
    Me again! I've just finished reading a lovely book which I had requested from the Library called:
    Charles Dickens and the street children of London.It is beautifully illustrated and not very long.
    I had no idea he had done so much for the poor, especially children who were very dear to his heart.
    The author is: Andrea Warren, she has written a lot of books for children and about children.