Saturday, June 14, 2014

one thousand gifts - chapter two

Hi everyone!
Last week, at our church's Leaders Summit meeting,
 I sat at the table with one of the girls that is joining us
 in reading through one thousand gifts.

She told me that she had just purchased 60 of these little books
and will be giving them out as gifts for others to read and enjoy!
I thought I had heard her wrong,
but no, that was the number of women that will receiving this lovely gift.

If you have not already obtained your own copy,
(or perhaps you are one of the blessed recipients of one as a gift!)
and would like to join us...
it is never too late.
Or, maybe you would prefer just to visit here each week
and listen in on the discussion,
that is fine too!
Looking forward to chatting with you in the Comment Cafe below!

BTW, click here for the blog post The Gift of Time mentioned in today's vlog. 

with much love and joy,

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